Cleansing & makeup remover wipes 

these wipes remove long lasting waterproof makeup. Alcohol free and skin friendly ingredients are used in these wipes.

Nail polish remover wipes 

A set of feather-light wipes that remove nail polish instantly. These useful wipes easily remove all types of nail polish, even the darkest colors, and are small enough to be carried anywhere for a quick touch up or full repaint. No hassle to carrying remover bottles.

Face masks 

Simply unfold and set the mask on the face to enjoy the benefits of a salon facial at home. Benefits vary from mask to mask depending on the active ingredients.

Moisturizing wipes 

These wipes are Gentle to be used on face, helps to maintain and restore the moisture of the skin.

After-shave wipes 

Alcohol free, moisturizing and soothing ready-to-used after-shave wipes, give quick clean and provide freshness to the face.

Anti-acne wipes 

Soft disposable wipes use the effective anti-acne active ingredient to help the effected skin. The ingredient penetrate quickly and deeply into pores to dissolve dirt and oil. The formula cleans deep pores to give a clear, smooth skin without dryness or irritation.


These wipe  give protection against harmful UV sun rays.

Teeth whitening wipes 

For frequent travellers and flyers, these easy to use wipes come handy for cleaning teeth. The refreshing ingredients give lasting freshness.

Exfoliating wipes

Exfoliating facial wipes gently lift dead skin cells to leave the skin revived and revitalized, plus they contain a perfect blend of purest possible skin loving ingredients with added vitamins.

Fairness wipes 

These wipes give fair and clean skin on continuous usage.




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