Dry cut wipes

These soft disposable napkins are the perfect replacement for tissue papers and cloth napkins. Available in different sizes, colors and designs for varied usage such as hanky, cocktail napkins, banquet napkins etc.

Magic coin tissues

100% natural, biodegradable compressed tablet napkin. These are easy to use – just add water to the coin and it expands instantly into a big wipe/tissue. It occupies no big space and can fit in your bag with great convenience.

Disposable undergarments

These undergarments are made from soft spunlace fabric and widely used in spas, massage centres and hotels.

Disposable pool towels

These bath towels should be part of every survival kit. They are soft in touch, so no rash and no itching. They are far more absorbent than cotton or micro-fibres. They are available in large coin size.




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