Bed Bath Towels

They are simple, rinse free wipes to clean the body especially for bed ridden patients. They are conveniently replace the more traditional methods of bed bathing such as; preparing bowls, washcloths, water, soap, lotions and towel drying; they are also cost effective which reduces laundry bills and nursing time. They can also be used for outdoor locations where taking bath is not feasible.

Anti-Mosquito Wipes

Wipes Mosquito wipes help protect against mosquito bites indoors and outdoors. It can provide protective shield for upto to 4/6 hours. The product is safe to be used on skin.


Menthol Wipes (Cold & Flu)

These wipes use specially formulated lotion which relieves nasal passage from congestion and helps to breathe easy. The user gets benefits from the active ingredients of menthol and the soft fabric that gently cleans the nose without rashes.





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