Non Woven Medical

Eye pad 

They are absorbent cotton wrapped in absorbent nonwoven fabric. They are non-adherent to wound and are ideal to protect the eyes during surgery, disease or any injury. The softness of the non-woven cover gives comfort during healing.

Mortuary bags 

Mortuary Bags provide relief to grief stricken near and dear ones of the departed soul. In cases the death has been brutal, they provide dignity. In case there are no claimants, mortuary bags shroud them. Mortuary bags are composite bags, used for the storage and transportation of corpses. Bags are made of high quality fabric, absorbent inside and non- porous outside to prevent leakage of body fluids from the dead body.

Isopropyl alcohol swabs

They are a nonwoven swab with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol as active ingredient and hence antiseptic in nature. They are used for preparation of the skin prior to injection and as the first aid to decrease germs in minor cuts, scrapes and burns.

Abdomial sponges 

Laparotomy sponges are absorbent pads used in surgical procedures. They are commonly used to absorb fluids around the surgical field. This can make it easier for the surgeon to see.Laparotomy sponges can also be used when it is  necessary to apply pressure, as they help to distribute the pressure and stop bleeding.

Gauze swabs

A gauze swab is a sterile piece of material that is used to apply an antibacterial cream or ointment to clean and cover open cuts or wounds. They come as sterilised and non-sterilized version.

Patient drapes 

Drapes help to protect patients and staff from the spread of infection during dental procedures.Disposable patient drapes are for single use, better fluid control, barrier protection for healthcare professionals. It reduces time and energy to reuse the drape. Drapes have absorbent and impervious layers, to incorporate requirements of procedure.

OT towels

They are absorbent fabric available in customised cut size. Surgeons and surgical staff clean their hands after surgery and dispose off the towel.

Wash glove

It is worn on the hand to give the patient a scrub bath. The glove is laminated inside, hence nursing staff has ease of operation as the hands do not get soiled while sponging. The glove has embossed surface and hence able to capture the soil better. Disposable wash glove reduces risk of contamination and HAI.

Combined dressings 

The combined dressings are used to contain bleeding from large wounds after initial bleeding controlled by direct pressure. Wound dressings consist of a highly absorbent thick layer of cotton enclosed in a soft and conformable non-woven fabric, folded over to form a flat tube.

Disposable hospital bed sheets 

They are soft, liquid repellent and give protection against dust/allergies/contamination. They are disposed off after single use and hence prevent transfer of germs.

Receiving blankets 

Receiving blankets are all-purpose blankets, made of lightweight material. They can be easily wrapped around the baby to help maintain their body heat.

Armboard covers

They are used to cover the armboards of OT scanning machines. They are absorbent and impervious to splashes on the machine and avoid dripping on the floors.


Mayo table cover

They are used on the Mayo stand to cover it and  are resistant to liquid spills. Instruments do not skid from the sheet.

Draw sheets 

Draw sheets are disposable to maintain cleanliness. Roll with perforation after every 2 meters with a width of 01 meter is made. It is attached to bed and after every OPD patient, it is changed and disposed. This helps to reduce the hospital acquired diseases. It is breathable and impervious to fluids and contaminants.

Surgical gown 

Doctors require practical and comfortable work clothing. Gowns are made depending on the type of procedure and risk of infection. Gowns are made with spunlace fabric as reinforcement for extra absorbency, to prevent the spills from gown to OT floor.




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