Industrial wipes 

Multi – purpose dry industrial wipes are the modern alternative to traditional textile rags. They are cost effective. These lint free industrial wipes have high tensile strength and are manufactured to the highest standards giving a consistent wiping disposable cloth

Floor wipes 

The formula is designed to give easy cleansing of floors and surfaces. The active anti-bacterial agents keep the area germ-free. The fabric is technically modified to provide excellent frictional strength.

Toilet seat cleaning wipes 

These wipes are a quick way to wipe stains from toilet seat, rim, tank and  outer surface of  toilet seat.


Kitchen rolls (perforated) 

Kitchen rolls keep the kitchen top and table top sparkling clean and bacteria free. They are made of specially engineered fabric.They are highly absorbent, strong, lint free and do not dissolve or disintegrate like normal paper tissue.

Shoe polish wipes 

These wipes clean and moisturize the shoes and give instant shine. They are ideal for travellers.

Leather sofa cleaning wipes 

They give dry-clean effect to the sofa and help in maintaining the leather.

Car cleaning wipes 

Car cleaning wipes are great as they are quick and easy to use and provide a one-step clean for the car. They remove stubborn dirt and other contaminants from the floor mats, carpets, door panels, fabric seats, dashboards, grills, bumpers, vinyl and upholstery without leaving behind lint and dries out fast.

Wood polish wipes 

Pre-moistened wipes are great for quick touch-ups. They help  to remove fingerprints, smudges, dust and dirt from wood furniture. Leaves a natural, protective shine with no wax buildup.  Useful for cleaning cabinets, panelling, vinyl, marble, Formica and leather.

Toy cleaning wipes 

These wipes are ideal for cleaning what little hands touch like toys, high chairs, swings and more.


Lens cleaning wipes 

These wipes are easy to use wipes to give clean, sparkling glass/screen.




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